Enhance Your Wellness Program & Protect Your Bottom Line with Continuous Vitals Monitoring

Shield your company from risk and empower employees to live healthier lives by incorporating continuous vitals monitoring and analysis into your benefits package.

Get ahead of illness spread

Reduce risk exposure

Maintain a healthy & productive workforce

When Your Employees’ Health Suffers,
So Do Your Operations (and Profits)

We get it – chronic disease and illnesses put considerable pressure on managers to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. When one team member makes an uninformed health choice, the company becomes vulnerable to:

Transform Your Wellness Program from


Access advanced health metrics via user-friendly dashboards, so every member of your company can make wiser health decisions. We believe you should always be able to answer these questions with confidence:

– How healthy is our workforce today?
– How can we proactively help our employees make healthier decisions?
– Who should be at work, and who should not?
– How can we prepare, detect, and act to keep our employees and customers safe?

How It Works

Use health vitals to make vital leadership decisions. The only personalized vitals analytics option that is a win-win for employers and employees.

1.  Collect

Annual physicals only give you a glimpse into one moment in time. With Vitals Matter, your employees can have continuous data readings of their vitals like never before using a clinical-grade wearable. Our software simplifies the data and presents it in a meaningful way for users. Options for wearables include but are not limited to: sensor patches, medical alert monitors, and wrist-based devices such as a smartwatch or fitness band.


  • Take an informed and proactive approach to their overall health.
  • Share data with their doctors to understand health trends and address potential issues.
  • Take their health data with them if employment changes.
  • Grant access to family and friends.
  • Get access to their vitals dashboard.


  • Have a pulse on the overall health of the company.
  • Make informed scheduling and safety decisions.
  • Decrease the vulnerability to illness spread and costly long-term health conditions.


2. Detect

Every body is different. Our software maps personal health trends and gives instant alerts when an employee is out of their personal norm.

Vitals Matter dashboards give people the power to make the best decisions for their health.

  • Detect risk factors long before an annual physical exam.
  • See real results from healthy choices like diet and exercise over time.
  • Get comparative data to better understand personal norms.

Employees can opt-in to allow employers to be alerted when their vitals enter unsafe ranges (i.e. a fever). This allows important decisions to be made before other staff and customers are put at risk.

3. Act

We believe that a healthy and satisfied workforce is good for business and your employees. With Vitals Matter the entire company is empowered to make better health decisions because they have better personal health data.

  • Reduce the risks of employee absenteeism, presenteeism, and chronic illness.
  • Avoid the domino effect of unhealthy choices by employees.
  • Act to avoid potential disruptions before they happen.

Privacy Infringement Is Not OK with Us, and We Know It’s Not OK with You, Either


HIPAA Secure

At Vitals Matter, data security is always a TOP priority. We store personal and company data in a safe, secure vault, under a HIPAA compliant cloud with multi-layer security. Your data will NEVER be sold.

Personal Data Ownership

We believe each individual’s data should stay THEIR data, meaning employers never have access to employee data without personal consent, nor does anyone else.


Personal data is portable, so employees can take it with them wherever they go and continue to make informed health choices.

Vitals Matter Is the Next Step in Employee Wellness

The pressure is on executives and managers to get ahead of risks and decrease costs. They’ve adapted and evolved, but the search for better solutions continues. That’s why Vitals Matter created a one-of-a-kind system that revolutionizes the approach to employee health and empowers leaders to accomplish their goals.


Reduce risk of absenteeism


Mitigate disruption by detecting and acting in real-time


Have a healthy, functioning workforce that maintains productivity


Save on insurance premiums with healthier employees


Decrease vulnerability to illness spread and long term health problems


Increase morale and employee engagement

How Can You Level-up your Wellness Program and Downsize Your Healthcare Costs?


1. Let's Talk

Fill out a simple form and our team will review your submission and schedule a time to chat! We’ll learn about your company and its specific needs, answer your questions, provide a quick program overview, and chat through potential next steps.


2. Trial

Try a pilot program customized to your environment and see the benefits for yourself! We’ll set a goal, run an assessment of your current infrastructure and workplace environment, and run a trial with definable metrics so you can feel confident before you choose to roll out the program with your entire company.

3. Implement

Empower your employees with health data like never before. We will work with you to scale the pilot to meet your full company needs, integrating with existing infrastructure, and providing ongoing support and maintenance.